What Exactly Is That Big Postcard?

TBP-Card-Size-HomepageTHAT BIG POSTCARD is a colossal 12 inches x 9 inches in size. Business owners purchase ad spots on the shared postcard. Our shared postcard keeps your investment lower and works with your website to drive brand recognition and reach offline clients. This direct response marketing program has been mailed throughout South Florida since 2010 with great success.

Business owners have rely on us for years to help them dominate online search results. The challenge was to build a platform that could do the same offline. THAT BIG POSTCARD was the result. We do all the hard work for you. Let us put your business into the hands of our residents!

Why It Works

The secret to successful advertising is making sure residents know about your business when they are looking for your services. Sounds simple…right? The problem is that traditional offline marketing usually involves magazines, newspapers, envelopes and long-term agreements. Let’s get rid of the hunt.

We decided to make direct mail advertising easy! THAT BIG POSTCARD does not need to opened. When residents check their mail, you are building your brand! Think about it, you are basically placing a billboard in their hands.

Do You Need It?

Business owners are always looking to attract more customers and reach new areas. You probably have a website and you might do quite well using it to drive traffic. Many business owners would love to do direct marketing but don’t know where to start. If they do get started, many abandon the idea because the upfront costs for direct mail can be expensive. If so, then this is the product for you.

We take all the worry out and with a flat investment you get everything to reach our residents at their homes. Now there is no excuse to not adding direct mail to your channels of advertising!

When & Where?

Our currently mailings in Punta Gorda focuses on Zip Codes 33950 and 33955. Over the years we have developed a proprietary selection process and tracking system making sure your ads are only going to occupied homes. We do not select homes based on value or income. We select routes with the best geographical chance to convert to a customer for our advertisers. With this in mind, with That Big Postcard you cannot choose which mail routes the cards are mailed. All advertisers do get a copy of the USPS receipt showing the number of cards, weight and the routes they were delivered.

We mail THAT BIG POSTCARD approximately every 4-6 weeks. Want to reach homeowners that live in Port Charlotte? We have 2 cards in the process of being competed for mailing. See the products below for details.

Included With That BIG Postcard...

100% Open Rate

Our cards are not inside another mailer or envelope. No flipping pages to find your ad. Our cards are “open” when they arrive and demand attention!

5.9¢ Per Mailbox

Seriously? We are talking an all inclusive price! You can not find a more cost effective lead generating model in direct response marketing. Period.

15,000 Mailboxes

Our cards are mailed into a minimum of 15,000 mailboxes with each mailing. We throw a large cast net to get your company noticed.

No Contracts Ever!

Our advertisers mail with us because it works, mailing after mailing. You are never required to sign a long-term agreement!

Amazing Design Included !

Our team of talented designers will create an amazing advertisement promoting your business at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. (That’s an additional $149 Value!)

Only Occupied Homes

Our proprietary selection method makes certain our cards are being delivered to homes with people living, staying, shopping and dining in our community.

Purchase Your Ad Spot Now

Space Is Limited and Interest Is High…Don’t Wait !
That Big Postcard - April 12, 2021 - Side 2April 2021 That Big Postcard Mailing

Punta Gorda – Ad Spot


Ad Size: 4″ Wide x 4.5″ Tall


Frequency: 1 Ad Spot

Mailing: 15,000 Punta Gorda mailboxes

Cost Per Mailbox: 5.9¢


Port Charlotte – Ad Spot


Ad Size: 4″ Wide x 4.5″ Tall


Frequency: 1 Ad Spot

Mailing: 15,000 Port Charlotte mailboxes

Cost Per Mailbox: 5.9¢


Cape Coral – Ad Spot


Ad Size: 4″ Wide x 4.5″ Tall


Frequency: 1 Ad Spot

Mailing: 15,000 Cape Coral mailboxes

Cost Per Mailbox: 5.9¢

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the “open rate”?

Unlike envelopes stuffed with multiple coupons, or ads buried inside a publication that you have to go and find, That Big Postcard has a 100% open rate! Your ad is being viewed by every recipient.

Who Do You Mail That Big Postcard?

We mail That Big Postcard into both residential and business addresses. You can view our mailing area to see what areas we are currently mailing. We do not target based on income or house value. We want everyone to learn more about your business so we mail to all the homes in the mailing area.

How is That Big Postcard Mailed?

We pay our own postage and mail as a stand alone mail piece. That Big Postcard is NOT inserted into another mailer, newspaper or envelope. The card is already open so you are building branding even if the recipient doesn’t use your coupon or offer.

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise?

You can advertise your business on That Big PostCard for only 5.9 cents per house!

Can I Choose Where To Mail That Big Postcard?

No. We choose the areas That Big Postcard is mailed. The mailing areas may change at different times of the year based on current occupancy. We only mail to homes currently accepting mail. Off season we may expand the mailing routes to make sure the guaranteed total number mailed always remains the same.

How Far In Advance Should I Reserve An Ad Spot?

Space is very limited. If you want to purchase ads for a mailer during a specific time of year, or even month, you can as long as it is available. We encourage you to join our waitlist for advertisers.

Do I Have To Design My Own Ad?

No. Our team of professional designers will work with you to create an amazing ad. We will want you to decide on the offer you wish to promote. We may give you suggestions as to what has worked in the past for other advertisers. Art Charges and Ad Design Is Included at NO Extra Charge! 

Can I Create And Send You Our Ad?

In most cases the answer is Yes. The only time this may not work 100% is in the rare case where a neighboring ad on the card has the same colors. We do not want there to be any confusion and clear separation of the offers, so we may request a slight adjustment.

What Is The Size Of That Big Postcard?

Colossal, Mammoth, Huge, Large…well it is called That BIG Postcard! The card is 12 inches wide x 9 inches tall. It will stand out among a stack of mail in any box and commands attention. 

Can I Purchase More Than 1 Spot?

Yes, if it is available. You then can combine these spots into 1 large ad if you would like.

What Is The Size Of Each Ad Spot?

Each add spot is approximately 4.5 Inches Tall x 4 Inches Wide.

Can You Help Me Mail Out My Own Postcard?

Yes, we print all postcards ourselves. We also maintain all the necessary discount and bulk mailing permits. You can reach out to us on this Contact Form and request more information.